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    Our Data Science Team,
    Your Competitive Edge

    Unlock the power of your data,
    whether it's coming from a mobile app,
    website, data center, or cloud

Make Your Data Soar

We work with you to develop the right strategy – whether it's improving your dialogue with customers,
performing risk analysis, creating new revenue streams, or reducing maintenance costs
  • Data Strategy

    We assess your existing strategy, estimate the expected impact of its completion, prioritize vital gaps in strategy components, and map capabilities to solve pain points. This includes preparing baseline summaries by line of business, and promoting the benefits of addressing gaps.

  • Business Reporting

    We cover all forms of ad-hoc and templated reports generated from your data, in order to create snapshots of specific aspects of your organization's operations. This includes drawing on heterogenous data from multiple sources, and merging them together seamlessly.

  • Information Systems

    We apply intelligence to your reports, and collaborate with you to produce score cards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that show whether your standards are being met. We integrate with your existing portal dashboards to present a clear analysis of the current health of your organization.

  • Predictive Analytics

    We utilize advanced statistical and machine learning methods to perform pricing optimization, market basket analytics, forecasting, and clustering to identify and project trends. We look into the future, and help you see where you are going instead of where you've been.

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Datom Solutions is a data science consultancy. We create a competitive advantage for venture-funded startups and financial service companies by combining domain knowledge with specialist technical skills to deliver high-impact statistical insights, predictive models and data-driven business advice.

We are fervent believers in data-driven decision making – from the executive suite all the way to daily operations. We aim to uncover insights on how to become more efficient, how to market products and services more effectively, and how to satisfy customers and win their loyalty.

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