What We Have Been Up To

Here are some recent, interesting projects we have undertaken for our clients.
  • Wag Case Study
    Location Scoring
    Wag! Labs

    Greenfield project to provide insight into dog walkers past, present, and future. We fused high-dimensional demographics with internal data, such as supply and demand, to prioritize zip codes for walkers by major metropolitan area.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Advanced project to detect bad actors, and prevent money laundering and chargebacks in Tilt's marketplace. We used a combination of network graph analysis, time-to-event models, and Bayesian inferential methods to combat fraud.

  • Quantitative Analysis

    Exploratory project to prototype trading indicators and strategies for American options. We utilizied text-mining and sentiment analysis, stochastic calculus, and time-series analysis to generate alpha in backtests and live simulations.