What Services We Offer

From marketplaces and e-commerce, to genomics, FinTech and insurance, we have a decade of domain-specific knowledge along with our analytic capabilities.
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What Steps Are Involved

Our approach to data science challenges is highly pragmatic and interdisciplinary:
we start with a brief, inexpensive assessment before executing on the opportunity.
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    We assess your data science opportunity, and present a business case to decision makers in your organization

  • Prototype Icon

    We combine cutting-edge methods from statistics, machine learning, and sofware engineering to produce a model

  • Development Icon

    We translate the model into a scalable, production-ready decision system, using agile methodologies

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    We reliably deploy your system, ensure business needs were met, and work to smoothly transition operations

Put Your Data to Work for You

Whether you are using Tableau, Chartio, PowerBI, Looker, Qlikview, Cognos, or some other analytic reporting solution, we augment your dashboarding and reporting capabilities to communicate the vital insights your organization needs to thrive.

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