Why Our Customers us!

Feedback from some of the amazing folks we've worked with.
  • Joshua Viner
    Wag! Labs / Co-founder & CEO

    “Ali did great work for Wag! on the data science front. His work enabled Wag to much better understand both dog owners and walkers on the platform. He knew what questions to ask and how to formulate the data to get the answers. He was a valuable asset to that Wag team during the time he was here.”

  • William Wolf
    Tilt / Director of Technology

    “Ali is an incredibly hard worker who loves to dive into problems and challenges of any magnitude. I've watched him tackle challenges across multiple teams, while leading the charge on technical decisions, data gathering, and data analysis. He has a great sense of what data matters, and how best to slice and dice it into something meaningful. He's also able to communicate and articulate the process, and his insights from the data to his team, and to the broader business.”

  • Chengyuan Zhao
    Google / Developer Advocate

    “Ali is a very versatile and talented developer that I've known for many years. His best quality is that he applies new techniques, methods, and technologies to tackle problems. He is not afraid to step outside of the established knowledge base to explore ideas and topics to solve situations.”

  • William Walther
    WaltherCorp / Co-founder & CEO

    “Ali has consistently delivered above and beyond what was expected of him for each of the projects in which I've had the pleasure to work with him for XVenturesGroup. His formal knowledge and modeling with regards to Data Science has proven time and time again, the value of setting up these systems at every stage in the business cycle. Using his unique background, he is able to utilize all the tools available to him, from business intelligence and predictive analytics to software engineering.”

  • Peter Nagy
    InvisALERT Solutions / Co-founder & CEO

    “Ali was hired by my company to develop a test platform that integrated numerous instruments to automate complex tasks. Ali developed an easy to use interface and platform that performed as specified. He was extremely conscientious and diligent in completing the work.”

  • Bobak Tavangar
    Jellyfish AI / Partner

    “Ali worked with our company to design and build an early prototype of our web based product. His services were always delivered to our expectations and he paired technical fluency with an eye for user interface design. Ali was committed to going the extra mile when necessary and brought a high degree of creative problem solving to his work.”